Tobias Gall (DE)
Tobias Gall (DE)

Rechtsanwalt Tobias Gall is an attorney at law almost exclusively specialized in employment law who acts as an independent lawyer in Berlin for more than 20 years.

He is working as a labor law consultant and process representative for employees but above all he is working for small, middle and large companies from a wide range of industries throughout Germany. His practise reaches from the ongoing work and social law advice, through the strategically preparatory planning of individual personnel measures to the representation of lawsuits in local labor courts, regional labour courts and the Federal Labour Court. It corresponds with the conviction of Rechtsanwalt Gall that all questions about human resources have to be investigated at a very early stage of the decision making process to be handled in a legally appropriate manner.

Rechtsanwalt Gall provides legal advice in English and German.



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