JUDr. Adriana Ručkayová (SK)
JUDr. Adriana Ručkayová (SK)

Attorney at law providing legal and consultancy services in business and commercial transnational matters both in the Slovak Republic and abroad. She brings to bear her expertise and international experience in providing comprehensive and coordinated advice designed to meet clients’ needs. Her business-oriented and pro-active approach efficiently and successful manages transactions whilst delivering the best value for money.

She has built a reputation for being innovative with business and financial solutions to achieve clients’ aims. Applying her vast good knowledge of the local legal environment at an international standard ensures she reflects a very high level of professional excellence when representing clients.

She provides legal advice in English, Slovak and Russian.


hrln-email_s adriana.ruckayova@akr.sk

hrln-phone_s+421 904 456 919

hrln-web_s http://www.akr.sk

hrln-office-address_sAdvokátska Kancelária Ručkayová

hrln-firmadress_S Vajanského nábrežie 21, 821 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic