dr. Ildikó Rátkai (HU)
dr. Ildikó Rátkai (HU)

Attorney at law, LLM in HR law and head of her Law Firm. After having graduated as a lawyer and as an economist she acquired professional experience not only in the governmental side of the EU harmonisation of employment law, but also as an attorney specialized in employment law, mainly supporting multinational clients’ employment and HR issues. Currently she is a postgraduate student at the LLM in Employment Law course.

Her independent Hungarian law firm is specialized in employment law, social security and HR law, providing legal advice and representation before court and public administration. She mainly supports multinational companies and is professional in cross-border legal issues related to employment and HR.

Dr. Ildikó Rátkai is member of the European Employment Lawyers Association, the American Bar Associaton’s Labour&Employment Law Group and is a founding member of HR Lawyers Network. She is author and co-author of several employment law books and commentaries not only in Hungary but also in foreign publications and she regularly gives lectures and conducts trainings and workshops related to employment and HR.

She provides legal advice in English, German and Hungarian.


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